Be Heard

How to get your Congressman’s attention.

Emily Ellsworth, former Congressional staffer, explains
how to make your Congressman listen

1. Calling the local or district office is more effective than writing a letter.

US Senator
John Cornyn
Austin phone 512-469-6034
Texas Senate District 5
Charles Schwertner
3000 Briarcrest Drive, Suite 202,
Bryan TX  77802
Local phone 979-776-0222
US Senator
Ted Cruz
Austin phone 512-916-5834
TX Rep., District 14
John Raney
4103 South Texas Avenue, Suite 103
Bryan, Texas 77802
(979) 260-5040
(979) 260-5097 Fax
US Rep, dist. 17
Bill Flores
3000 Briarcrest Drive, Suite 406
Bryan, TX 77802
(979) 703-4037
(979) 703-8845 Fax
TX Rep. District 12
Kyle Kacal
3000 Briarcrest Drive, Suite 203
Bryan, TX 77802


2. Writing a letter to the local or district office is more effective than writing to the D.C. office.

3. Gang up at Town Hall meetings!

“If you want to talk to your rep, show up at town hall meetings. Get a huge group that they can’t ignore. Pack that place and ask questions.”

4. Get to know the local staffers.

“If you have an advocacy group, invite staffers to your events.  Invite staffers on “field trips” and show them what it’s like in your communities. Show them the work you are doing. It works.”