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The Brazos County Democratic Party is a volunteer organization. Volunteers staff the office, block walk, phone and coordinate events and  parties. .

The only job that is not strictly volunteer is being an Election Worker. See the page on Election Info for that information
Click the button to get the volunteer form. Fill it out, click submit and send it in to us. Or mail it to us.

For more information on any volunteer opportunity contact Us.

Event Volunteer

Democrats like to have fun! We are by nature a happy congenial bunch of people. But putting on an event, even if it is just an after the election gathering, requires help of all different kinds. So if you are friendly and like people this may be the job for you. See the Calendar for our upcoming events. If you know of an event or have an idea for an event not listed, please Contact Us.

Driving Democrats to Vote

We encourage people to early vote.  We often get calls that someone needs a ride to go vote. You can help!

On Election Day we always get calls that someone needs to get to the polls and they don’t have a way there.

We need reliable, responsible, friendly people to pick people up and drive them to their polling place.

You can be that person.

Be A Precinct Chair

Precinct Chairs are the backbone of the Democratic Party.  A Precinct Chair is an elected official of the Democratic Party who is responsible for driving democratic voting efforts in their precinct.

The first step is to either file for election or contact the local party to be appointed by the Executive Committee.

Another important job the Precinct Chair has is to chair the Precinct Convention the evening of the Primary Election at 7:15 p.m.

Precinct chairs are also a part of the county Executive Committee that meets several times a year to make decisions for the county party.

Phoning to Get Out the Vote

We hardly ever get together as a big group and phone anymore. With our wonderful VAN (Voter Activation Network) system all you need is a phone and a computer. We can set you up to work at home on a list of Democrats to be sure that they go vote.

If you don’t have a computer we can provide you with a paper list of Democrats to call. A little training is involved but it is so rewarding when you get a Democrat on the phone who is so glad to hear your voice or who needs information.